Refugee Resettlement

ref·u·gee /refyo͝oˈjē/
noun a person who has been forced to leave his or her country because of a well-founded fear of war, persecution, or violence.


Catholic Social Services Refugee Resettlement Program (CSS/RRP) begin in the early summer of 1975, with the fall of the South Vietnamese government to communist control. Bishops across the United States provided an immediate response offering the support of social service agencies in their dioceses. Since then, Mobile has welcomed thousands of refugess. CSS/RRP is the only refugee resettlement program in the State of Alabama.

Picture1Refugees are legally admitted into the United States by the Department of Homeland Security, then resettled and sponsored by various voluntary agencies, including the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. Resettlement opportunities have been provided in Mobile for Sudanese, Congolese, Iraqis, Cubans, Liberians, Afghans, Somalis, Iranians, Burundians, Burmese, Eritreans, and Ethiopians. Our program annually resettles between 100 and 135 refugees. A plan is developed to assist the refugees achieve self-sufficiency in the shortest time possible. Services provided by CSS/RRP include: reception, case management, employment services, school enrollment, English as a Second Language (ESL), and cultural and community orientation.

Contact Joseph Bayer, Refugee Resettlement Program Manager, by phone at 251.434.1550, or by email at [email protected] for more information.