Pregnancy Support

file7531304536347Pregnancy Support Services are designed to meet the needs of any pregnant woman, whether parenting or making an adoption plan. A variety of services are available, depending on individual needs and the availability of resources. Services are open to everyone, regardless of religion, race, or income. If you are experiencing an unexpected pregnancy and need support, we can help.

Many women come to Catholic Social Services simply because they do not know where else to turn. Our counselors assess needs on a case-by-case basis, determining what you are able to do for yourself and how we can best help you. Services are provided with sensitivity to your situation and a commitment to your dignity.

Fathers are encouraged to be a part of the process as they also prepare for their family.

Services provided:

  • Counseling is available to each mother. A licensed social worker will listen to your concerns and answer your questions about adoption or provide information about community resources if you choose to parent your child. We will provide you with clear, unbiased information as you make the most important decision of your life.
  • Adoption services are explained by a caring and empathetic professional, who is available to assist you if adoption is your decision. If adoption is your plan, you will have options about how much involvement you want in the process, including meeting the adoptive parents.
  • Emotional support is offered throughout your pregnancy in an environment of compassion and dignity as you follow your plan, whether that is adoption or parenting.
  • Maternity resources are available to help you feel good about yourself as you wait for the birth of your baby. We are building a wardrobe closet of maternity clothes so you can feel more comfortable during the pregnancy.
  • Newborn Resources are available to provide the basics for your baby, if you choose to parent, and to help provide you with the security of being prepared. Providing necessary items, such as a crib or car seat, are goals we try to meet. A basic layette of sleepers, diapers, blankets, bathing supplies, and other items as available are given to you prior to your baby’s birth.
  • Community resources and referral assistance are an important part of helping you help yourself. We offer information about Medicaid, WIC, and teen support services, as well as helping you choose a birthing hospital and locating other services. Often knowing where to go is not enough. Having a professional referral makes it easier to obtain the help needed. Our counselors are able to assist in accessing the resources you need.
  • Education advocacy is vital since the inability to financially provide for a child may be the determining factor in choosing an adoption plan or parenting a child. Acquiring a GED or vocational training can provide the confidence needed to help make this decision. Encouragement and information about local programs to improve your future are offered.
  • Financial assistance requests are given individual consideration, assessed for need, and offered as our budget allows.
  • Supporters in the community are encouraged to participate in this ministry’s support and success. Church and civic groups are needed to provide fundraisers, baby showers (donating items to us), and “hand down” quality used items such as cribs, car seats, newborn and maternity clothing.

Financial donations are accepted for the purchase of clothing and equipment, such as car seats and cribs. Gift cards for local department stores are welcome. If you would like your organization to arrange for a baby shower or fundraiser, we would be happy to assist you.