Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What does the home study consist of?

The home study is a compilation of information in report form that comes from the applicant’s application forms, clearances, references, medicals, financials, life stories, individual interviews, joint interviews, and home visit. The process can be lengthy and take 2-4 months depending on the timeliness of the return of forms, clearances, etc.

  1. What expenses are involved in an adoption?

Fees paid by an adoptive family include an application fee to the agency of $250, a home study fee of $1,500, and a placement fee of 10% of a family’s adjusted gross income for the year prior to placement with a maximum of $15,000. Birth families pay no fees and any/all expenses are paid by the agency.

  1. Will the adoptive family need an attorney?

The adoptive family must retain their own attorney to file the petition to adopt and represent your family in Probate Court. It is the adoptive family’s responsibility to obtain an attorney and file the petition to adopt as soon as possible after placement.

  1. What is the average wait time for a baby after the home study is complete and we are an approved adoptive family?

There is no “average” wait time with our agency. We have placed infants with families who have been approved for as short a time as three weeks to as long as three years. The length of time a family waits for an infant is determined by the family’s preferences and openness and by the infant in care. A meticulous process involves making the best match between adoptive parent and child.

Birth families have the option to choose an adoptive family from our family portfolios. In the event that they do not choose a family, the agency searches for a match first with families that have no children, then families with one child, then families with more than one child. The welfare of the infant is always first when placement considerations are made.

  1. Why should I consider Catholic Social Services?

We are one of the oldest adoption programs in the state. We have consistently provided maternity care for birthmothers and children. There is a continuum of care from the birthmother through the adult adoptee. We view adoption as a lifetime commitment thus providing services for years to come to the birth family, adoptive family, and child. There always has been and will be a licensed professional available to assist any member of the adoption triad.