Process, Requirements, and Eligibility

The process of adoption is wonderful and exciting. To begin the application process you should contact the office nearest you. An initial interview and overview will be scheduled and an application provided as appropriate. The application’s return to the agency is the beginning of the home study process and can take 3-4 months depending on the number of families in process. There will be a series of interviews, both individual and joint, and both in the office and in your home. The home study is a major commitment on behalf of the applicants and the social worker. After the home study is completed and you are approved, you will then be considered for infants who match your family based on your preferences and openness.

Eligibility & Suitability

  • AGE: All applicants must be at least 25 years of age at the time of application.
  • STABILITY: Applicants must show a stable life that supports the lifelong commitment to protect and nurture, to provide a safe, loving, and permanent family for a child not born to them, and to meet the needs of the child.
  • MARITAL STATUS: Applicants must have been in their marital status for a minimum of 3 years at the beginning of the home study process.
  • SOUND FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT: Applicants must be able to support themselves and a child with a stable income.
  • HEALTH – PHYSICAL AND MENTAL: All family members must be in good health and be willing to provide medical care for a child.
  • RELIGION: Applicants do not need to be Catholic.
  • RESIDENCE: Applicants must reside within the twenty-eight county area of the Archdiocese of Mobile.
  • CITIZENSHIP: United States citizenship of a single applicant or one spouse is required.
  • RACE: Applicants are accepted without consideration of race, color, or national origin.
  • REFERENCES: A minimum of seven references will be contacted by letter and/or phone, and/or personal interview.
  • BACKGROUND CLEARANCES: Applicants criminal and child abuse/neglect histories will be checked for suitability.
  • ADOPTION EXPENSES: Applicants are required to cover the cost of the criminal background review. Adoption Placement fees are on a sliding scale. A $250 application fee is due upon receipt of the completed application packet. An additional $1,500 is due upon approval and completion of the home study process for a total of $1,750. The placement fee is 10% of the family’s adjusted gross income based on the previous year’s income tax return ($15,000 maximum) and is due in full 45 days from the date of placement.
  • ATTITUDES: Healthy relationships and perspectives of the applicants, and their extended families, are considered important in the approval process.
  • EDUCATION: Applicants should have a minimum of a high school education or equivalent.